The classes I teach focus on media literacy; representation, visibility, and power; feminist media studies; media production; research methods; and critical inquiry. It has been my great honor to learn from outstanding mentors over the years, so I make every effort to offer my own students the same generous guidance. I am energized by spirited discussions that spill out of the classroom and make a lingering impact on students and faculty alike.

Special Topics Courses

Community Journalism

Celebrity Colonialism: Transnational Media and Social Activism 

Titanic to Twilight: Girl-Powered Media Production / Consumption / Text 

Revisiting the Riot Grrl Revolution (first year seminar)

Communication and General Education Courses

Gender, Race, Class, and Media

Media & Culture

Youth & Media

Critical Inquiry

Communication Research Methods

Senior Seminar

Oral Communication

Political Rhetoric

Persuasion, Sustainability, and Culture

Strategic Communication and Marketing 

Visual Communication

Writing Across Media